Making Workfare More Fair: Protecting Workers in Welfare Programs from Sexual Harassment

Kathryn Evans
Every year, hundreds of thousands of adults in the United States work fulltime jobs through programs known as "workfare" as a requirement to collecting public benefits. Although these individuals work full time, their legal status as "employees" is not as clear as it should be. That fact, along with other factors such as their status as temporary workers and the public stigma against those who collect public benefits, make these workers particularly vulnerable to abuse in the workplace. This
more » ... icle analyzes the issue of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace and the factors that place workfare participants at risk. It then discusses current legal protections and how to use the law and administrative processes to better protect these workers.
doi:10.15779/z38d21rk0d fatcat:c5hoavpybfabxfqchg7ekhy3sq