Studies on muon tomography for archaeological internal structures scanning

H Gómez, C Carloganu, D Gibert, J Jacquemier, Y Karyotakis, J Marteau, V Niess, S Katsanevas, A Tonazzo
2016 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Muon tomography is a potential non-invasive technique for internal structure scanning. It has already interesting applications in geophysics and can be used for archaeological purposes. Muon tomography is based on the measurement of the muon flux after crossing the structure studied. Differences on the mean density of these structures imply differences on the detected muon rate for a given direction. Based on this principle, Monte Carlo simulations represent a useful tool to provide a model of
more » ... he expected muon rate and angular distribution depending on the composition of the studied object, being useful to estimate the expected detected muons and to better understand the experimental results. These simulations are mainly dependent on the geometry and composition of the studied object and on the modelling of the initial muon flux at surface. In this work, the potential of muon tomography in archaeology is presented and evaluated with Monte Carlo simulations by estimating the differences on the muon rate due to the presence of internal structures and its composition. The influence of the chosen muon model at surface in terms of energy and angular distributions in the final result has been also studied.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/718/5/052016 fatcat:gmyu4twabbee5plawk5tjpfe24