Neutrino-antineutrino oscillations as a possible solution for the LSND and MiniBooNE anomalies?

Sebastian Hollenberg, Octavian Micu, Heinrich Päs
2009 Physical Review D  
We investigate resonance structures in CPT and Lorentz symmetry violating neutrino-antineutrino oscillations in a two generation framework. We work with four non-zero CPT-violating parameters that allow for resonant enhancements in neutrino-antineutrino oscillation phenomena in vacuo which are suitably described in terms of charge conjugation eigenstates of the system. We study the relation between the flavor, charge conjugation and mass eigenbasis of neutrino-antineutrino oscillations and
more » ... ne the interplay between the available CPT-violating parameter space and possible resonance structures. Eventually we remark on the consequences of such scenarios for neutrino oscillation experiments, namely possible solutions for the LSND and MiniBooNE anomalies.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.80.053010 fatcat:yq3fekno25buba4qsww33br6mu