Study on vibration and noise influence for optimization of garden mower

Yimin Chen, Wenzhuo Zhang, Lu Dong, Korhan Cengiz, Amit Sharma
2021 Nonlinear Engineering  
Advancement in engineering provides various improvement in quality life while taking consideration of important factors for safety and environment. The use of mower food maintenance of land it is very common across several parts of the world with some frequent noise generated through its operation. This article is an attempt to study the noise and frequency generated through the vibrations of mower blade. In this study, an integrated design for designing, testing and developing mower blade that
more » ... generates less noise is presented. For designing efficient blade that produces less noise, we have implemented various engineering approaches such as rapid product design, process of re-engineering and reverse engineering. The simulation of the designed blade is carried out through CAD software where the design prototype is analysed for its performance. The outcomes of the prototype are tested through simulation and its performance is compared for the determination of success of proposed design at different variations in frequency level. It is observed through the experimentation that the noise and vibration differences are generated through load carrying vehicles, mowers with riding capacity and simple mowers. From the analysis, mower with riding capacity is observed as safest among all other types of machines.
doi:10.1515/nleng-2021-0034 fatcat:pzhm3fqjefhfzhfcgzg3zkcgki