Study on loss mechanism of SMA tracheal stent subjected to cough excitation

Zhiwen Zhu, Xinmiao Li, Jia Xu, Feng Liu, Dong-Hoon Lee, Ricardo Lagoa, Sandeep Kumar
2015 Bio-medical materials and engineering  
A kind of Ti-Ni shape memory alloy (SMA) hysteretic nonlinear model is developed, and the loss mechanism of a SMA tracheal stent subjected to cough excitation is studied in this paper. Nonlinear differential items are introduced to express the hysteretic phenomena of Ti-Ni SMA, and the fitting effect of the SMA constitutive model on the experimental data is proved by the partial least-square regression method. The nonlinear dynamic model of a Ti-Ni SMA tracheal stent subjected to cough
more » ... n is developed, and the system's dynamic response is obtained. The numerical results show that the system's vibration is little in weak excitation, becomes large with the increase of the stochastic excitation, and finally becomes little again with the further increase of the stochastic excitation; the stochastic resonance phenomenon occurs in the process, which may cause stent fracture or loss.
doi:10.3233/bme-151345 pmid:26406047 fatcat:guanlg6r4fdqpc44e7mp2hfot4