Natural Assurance Scheme: A level playing field framework for Green-Grey infrastructure development

Benjamin Denjean, Mónica A. Altamirano, Nina Graveline, Raffaele Giordano, Peter van der Keur, David Moncoulon, Josh Weinberg, María Máñez Costa, Zdravko Kozinc, Mark Mulligan, Polona Pengal, John Matthews (+3 others)
2017 Environmental Research  
systems (Park et al., 2013) . In other words to go from the assumption that we can prevent and 53 eliminate all risk to a paradigm where we are aware that is impossible, and therefore try to find 54 the optimum between prevention and "preparedness". 55 56 Enhancing resilience of the natural capital will require the integration of a combination of 57 structural (infrastructure resilience) and non-structural measures (social resilience). Such 58 measures can be cost-effective and instrumental to
more » ... ave lives, prevent and reduce losses (risk 59 reduction, but most importantly, ensure effective recovery and rehabilitation (enhance 60 resilience). In this context, the Nature Based Solutions (NBS) will play an integral role in 61 enhancing disaster resilience by exploiting the multi-functionality of intrinsically resilient 62 natural processes. 63 64 After defining NAS, existing knowledge gaps and obstacles for the incorporation of the 65 insurance value potential produced by an NBS into planning, investment and decision making 66 are reviewed. This looks at three primary areas: the present and potential place of 67 (re)insurance industry; the ecological and physical uncertainty; and resilience modelling 68 challenges. This is followed by an analysis of institutional structures related to infrastructure, 69 social integration and finance and the possible barriers faced in 'operationalizing ' an NAS. 70 This is followed by the introduction of the NAS operationalization framework which proposes 71 a process and potential steps to address the identified anticipated challenges. 72 73 2. Background 74 2.1 The Principle of NAS operational Methodology 75 Risk is commonly defined by the combination of hazard potential, exposure and vulnerability. 76 NBS can contribute by optimizing the delivery from and resilience of ecosystems that can 77 provide these services to reduce vulnerability to disaster. Hence, an important opportunity lies 78 112 113 114 Figure 2: Grey vs Green Infrastructure qualitative natural capital dynamics. From Altamirano et al. (2013) 115 116 2 eeting%20-%2025%20%26%2026%20September%202014/Documents/Agenda%20item%204.2.%20 Charter_of_Rome_August2014.pdf
doi:10.1016/j.envres.2017.07.006 pmid:28763731 fatcat:hrm2l6y4jfbnpglhmql2xquc6e