Laser-induced wakes in ion crystals

J. M. Kriesel
2002 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Wakes in a Coulomb crystal are produced by "pushing" with radiation pressure on a rotating spheroidal cloud of laser-cooled 'Be+ ions. The wakes are stationary in the lab frame and are caused by the interference of "drum-head" type oscillations. Velocity images of these wakes are obtained directly through the dependence of the ion fluorescence on Doppler shifts, and new analytical calculations accurately reproduce these experimental wake images. The technique demonstrates a way to excite and
more » ... ay to excite and study modes, that were not accessible with previous techniques. t Work of the U.S. Government; not subject to U.S. copyright.
doi:10.1063/1.1454275 fatcat:l4ysn2c6cba67fw4hz634ft4hm