Constructions of Beyond-Birthday Secure PRFs from Random Permutations, Revisited

Jiehui Nan, Ping Zhang, Honggang Hu
2021 Entropy  
In CRYPTO 2019, Chen et al. showed how to construct pseudorandom functions (PRFs) from random permutations (RPs), and they gave one beyond-birthday secure construction from sum of Even-Mansour, namely SoEM22 in the single-key setting. In this paper, we improve their work by proving the multi-key security of SoEM22, and further tweaking SoEM22 but still preserving beyond birthday bound (BBB) security. Furthermore, we use only one random permutation to construct parallelizable and succinct
more » ... birthday secure PRFs in the multi-key setting, and then tweak this new construction. Moreover, with a slight modification of our constructions of tweakable PRFs, two parallelizable nonce based MACs for variable length messages are obtained.
doi:10.3390/e23101296 pmid:34682020 fatcat:u62i4fo6f5cfvkyrjtmkfnx6cm