The Virgo Stellar Stream: Extended sample

S. Duffau, A. K. Vivas, R. Zinn, R. A. Méndez, M. T. Ruiz
2009 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractWe have completed a spectroscopic study of the "12.4 hr clump", the second largest substructure in the Quasar Equatorial Survey Team (QUEST) catalog. First discovered as an over-density of RR Lyrae stars (Vivaset al. 2001, ApJL 554 33), the region containing the "12.4 hr clump" has generated much interest (Newberget al. (2002), Martinez-Delgadoet al. (2007), Juricet al. (2008), amongst many others). Our first spectroscopic study of this clump revealed the presence of a sharp peak in the
more » ... radial velocity histogram for the candidate stars (Duffauet al. 2006). The combination of this result and metal abundance estimates for the sample was then interpreted as a signature of the presence of a stellar stream within the clump. This sub-structure was named the "Virgo Stellar Stream" (VSS), given its location in the direction of the Virgo Constellation, at approximately 20 kpc from the Sun. Several other groups have studied this region and have suggested that the over-density containing the VSS could extend to larger areas of the sky (outside QUEST's observing range). We present the complete spectroscopic follow up of the clump candidates present in QUEST and the composite of the studies we performed along the same l.o.s., including data at brighter magnitudes (Vivaset al. 2008). Our study confirmed the nature of the VSS, revealed its likely extent within the QUEST survey and defined a number of its relevant properties.
doi:10.1017/s1743921310002656 fatcat:a5hhn2dlu5bevgxe553erjiqzi