BeppoSAX observations of the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxy RX J1702.5+3247

M. Gliozzi, W. Brinkmann, S. A. Laurent-Muehleisen, E. C. Moran, J. Whalen
2001 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
We report optical, radio and X-ray observations of the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxy RX J1702.5+3247. The soft (0.1-2 keV) X-ray flux, measured by BeppoSAX, is characterized by strong variability on short time scales (< 500 sec). The most extreme amplitude variations require a radiative efficiency exceeding the maximum for a Kerr black hole, implying the presence of relativistic effects. A comparison with archival ROSAT data reveals long term temporal and spectral variability. The 0.1-10 keV
more » ... The 0.1-10 keV spectrum is equally well fitted either by an ionized reflection disk model, or by a broken power law plus a Gaussian line, consistent with a hydrogen-like iron line at 6.97 keV from a highly ionized accretion disk.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20011014 fatcat:azkjr634gre67ku2eep5en45my