Multidrug-related protein 1 (MRP1) polymorphisms rs129081, rs212090, and rs212091 predict survival in normal karyotype acute myeloid leukemia

Desiree Kunadt, Christian Dransfeld, Claudia Dill, Maria Schmiedgen, Michael Kramer, Heidi Altmann, Christoph Röllig, Martin Bornhäuser, Ulrich Mahlknecht, Markus Schaich, Friedrich Stölzel
2020 Annals of Hematology  
Resistant disease is still a main obstacle in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) treatment. Therefore, individual genetic variations affecting therapy response are gaining increasing importance. Both SNPs and ABC transporter genes could already be associated with drug resistance. Here, we report allelic variants of MRP1 (ABCC1) SNPs rs129081, rs212090, and rs212091 with significant influences on survival in AML patients. DNA was extracted from bone marrow samples (n = 160) at diagnosis. Genotyping 48
more » ... SNPs within seven different ABC transporter genes using real-time PCR revealed rs129081 GG variant with a significant higher OS (p = 0.035) and DFS (p = 0.01). Comparing TT and AA rs212090 variants showed significant influences on DFS (p = 0.021). SNP rs212091 GG expression was associated with worse OS (p = 0.006) and a significant difference in DFS between alleles GG and AA (p = 0.018). The multivariable models confirmed a significant influence on OS for rs212091 (AA HR = 0.296, 95% CI 0.113-0.774, p = 0.013 and GG p = 0.044). Rs129081 variant CG, TT of rs212090, AA, and AG of rs212091 demonstrated significant impact on DFS (p = 0.024, p = 0.029, p = 0.017, and p = 0.042, respectively). This analysis demonstrates a significant influence of MRP1 SNPs on survival in AML. As they were not associated to prognostic characteristics, we suggest these SNPs to be independent prognostic markers for AML.
doi:10.1007/s00277-020-04163-7 pmid:32621177 fatcat:vn57u5wor5eadn5x3b3fg6hnpm