"Al – Kaaki palace in Salama district of Taif "Historical and Cultural Study"

Ahmed Al Zahrany
2018 مجلة العمارة والفنون والعلوم الإنسانية  
This research deals with the registration and documentation of one of the architectural and cultural heritage in the city of Taif , the palace of Al-kaaki , which still retains its original status to a large extent in terms of its location in Al-Salama neighborhood and its three-storey architectural structure, some of which were reserved for reception , with a range of service facilities, the palace was also surveyed and engineered through the architectural lifting, the work of the sectors and
more » ... of the sectors and the engineering spaces of the decorations and palace units. The researcher followed three research approaches: the first is the historical presentation method, the second is the analytical descriptive approach, the third approach is the comparative approach: by comparing the architectural units and the artistic elements of the same in Taif or other cities of the Hijaz whenever possible. The study found a set of findings and recommendations, including the emphasis on the extent of the cultural boom in the city of Taif late Ottoman era, and that the urban fabric of the old city of Taif at the end of the Ottaman period did not include spaces allow the construction of large facilities, as the study showed that the architecture and decoration of Kaki palace has two major phases, the first included the construction of the ground and first floors, and the second phase included the construction of the second floor and some technical formations and patterns , as well as influenced by architecture and decoration units kaki palace by many factors, religious, environmental, social and economic, especially, as well as Z expatriate influences, the study recommended the need for the restoration and rehabilitation of Kaki Palace and benefit from the tourism development of Taif.
doi:10.12816/0048944 doaj:682e9334617045278bb39e05fe8a2a83 fatcat:754cc23f2jaahhyv5ue4ljkzoa