Article Original La Chirurgie Thyroïdienne à Bangui: Indications et Suites Opératoires à Propos de 135 Cas Thyroid surgery at Bangui: a report of indications and post operative complication based on 135 cases

F Poumale, L Nghario, Issa Mapouka, J Malendoma, F Kossinda, N Nali
Health Sci. Dis   unpublished
Introduction. The main purpose of the surgery of thyroid tumors is to cut the pathological portions of the gland, which at the same time carried an important part of the healthy parenchyma, the seat of possible recurrences. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of thyroïdectomies performed at Bangui, identify the indications, and describe the surgical procedure and the post surgical complications. Patients and Methods. This was a cross sectional study based on the files of
more » ... s who have undergone thyroidectomy between January 2009 and December 2013 at the ENT and surgery department of the hospitals of Bangui. Our variables of interest were age and sex, reason for surgery, type of surgery, complications and issue of the patient. Results. 3266 patients were operated during the study period among whom 135 cases of thyroidectomy (3.7%). The sample included 108 women (80%) and 27 men (20%). The average age was 36 years (range: 10 and 62 years). The main surgical indications were simple goiter (34.8%) and adenomas (31.9%). Cancers of the thyroid represented 3.7% of cases. The most frequent surgical procedures were lobo-isthmectomy (55.6%) and total thyroidectomy (42.2%). 55 patients (40%) developed complications and the most frequent were bleeding (38.1%), cardiac arrest (21.8%), keloid scars (14.5%) and paralysis laryngeal nerve (7.3%). Conclusion. Thyroidectomy is mainly done on women. The main indications are simple goiter, adenoma and multinodular goiter. The main complications are bleeding, cardiac arrest and keloid scars. RÉSUMÉ