Farmers' Awareness in the Field of Occupational Safety and Health in Sustainable Management System

2017 Farm Machinery and Processes Management in Sustainable Agriculture, IX International Scientific Symposium   unpublished
Farming presupposes good acquaintance with the use of machinery, equipment, animal care and work schedules to safely perform duties on integrated farms. This is the reason why the farmers' knowledge of occupational health and safety, including the use and application of personal protective equipment, has become a subject of the research. A survey research was conducted among 90 farmers working on an integrated farm or being interested in such a system. Questions concerned harmful and hazardous
more » ... actors in the work environment, the principles of safe working with animals, use of personal protection measures, knowledge and implementation of safety signs, pre-medical aid, and participation in training in innovative agriculture. The most active age group of respondents were farmers up to 50 years of age who were willing to participate in the study by providing exhaustive answers. Most of the farmers have a basic or secondary education and a large amount of their knowledge comes from their own experience. The greatest role in implementing the assumptions of the integrated management system plays the human factor together with its own state of awareness in the field discussed.
doi:10.24326/fmpmsa.2017.54 fatcat:bpsljpxvandrnphfkaeho2cy2e