The Polarity of the Diatomic Molecule

Kiyosi O-ohata
1961 Progress of theoretical physics  
215 The relation between the ionicity of the bond and the electronegativity difference is discussed by the use of the semi-localized orbital method. It is found that the ionicity of the bond depends not only on the electronegativity difference but also on the overlap integral between the atomic valence orbitals. According to the magnitude of the overlap integral the diatomic molecules are divided into the two groups which show the different features with respect to the dependence of the
more » ... of the bond on the electronegativity difference. The Sshaped curve given by Townes and Dailey from the analysis of the results of the measurements of eQq seems to be the composite of the above two characteristic groups.
doi:10.1143/ptp.25.215 fatcat:vtrk64kdmrdoxilcuezu4z3d6i