Removal and decolorization of dye bearing textile effluents by modified unsaturated polyester resin

Pradip Dave, S Patel
2015 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
Hydroxy terminated unsaturated polyester resin was prepared by condensation of maleic anhydride with pentaerythritol at 1:2 ratios respectively. The resultant resin was then treated with ethylacetoacetate and NaHCO 3. The so-called resin known as modified unsaturated polyester resin (MUSPE) was characterized by Elemental and FT-IR analysis, which further used as adsorbent for dye and pollutants. Various textile effluents were collected and treated with mixture of MUSPE, Rice husk, Saw dust,
more » ... al charcoal etc. The adsorption properties of this resin were investigated under different adsorption conditions with different initial dye concentrations, contact times and pH values. The adsorption equilibrium data were analyzed with Langmuir and Freundlich models. The adsorption behaviours of various textile effluents onto the MUSPE-resin were better described by the Freundlich model.