Star Formation Studies at the VLT [chapter]

Claude Bertout, Bo Reipurth, Fabien Malbet
1995 Science with the VLT  
We present a n o v erview of what can be done in the eld of star formation using the VLT and its advanced instrumentation, and especially with the very high angular resolution provided by the VLT in the VLTI mode. Herbig-Haro objects and early stellar evolution, pre-main sequence binaries, circumstellar disks and surface properties of young stars are investigated. We show that the VLT and VISA will be not only very useful to better understand star formation processes, but indeed necessary in
more » ... er to advance in certain subjects. y Invited talk, Proceedings of the ESO Workshop \Science with the VLT", eds.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-49215-3_5 fatcat:te5vpttz3vgn5fksi62ev2icga