Industrializing Additive Manufacturing - Proceedings of Additive Manufacturing in Products and Applications - AMPA2017 [book]

Mirko Meboldt, Christoph Klahn
Injection molding soft tooling inserts manufactured additively with vat photopolymerization represent a valid technology for prototyping and pilot production of polymer parts. However, a significant drawback is the low heat conductivity of photopolymers influencing cycle time and part quality. In this research, the thermal performance of a 20x20x2.7 mm 3 injection molding insert was simulated. A thermal camera was used to assess the quality and accuracy of the simulation. Both, simulation and
more » ... asurements showed that the temperature cycle during injection molding becomes stationary within 3 to 5 cycles. After 2800 injection molding cycles, the experiment was stopped and the insert was still intact.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-66866-6 fatcat:auajogexjvhhnivvi3ys27nxva