Synthesis of fuzzy model-based designs to synchronization and secure communications for chaotic systems

Kuang-Yow Lian, Tung-Sheng Chiang, Chian-Song Chiu, P. Liu
2001 IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B (Cybernetics)  
This paper presents synthesis approaches for synchronization and secure communications of chaotic systems by using fuzzy model-based design methods. Many well-known continuous and discrete chaotic systems can be exactly represented by T-S fuzzy models with only one premise variable. According to the applications on synchronization and signal modulation, the general fuzzy models may have either i) common bias terms; or ii) the same premise variable and driving signal. Then we propose two types
more » ... propose two types of driving signals, namely, fuzzy driving signal and crisp driving signal, to deal with the asymptotical synchronization and secure communication problems for cases i) and ii), respectively. Based on these driving signals, the solutions are found by solving LMI problems. It is worthy to note that many well-known chaotic systems, such as Duffing system, Chua's circuit, Rössler's system, Lorenz system, Henon map, and Lozi map can achieve their applications on asymptotical synchronization and recovering messages in secure communication by using either the fuzzy driving signal or the crisp driving signal. Finally, several numerical simulations are shown to verify the results. Index Terms-Chaotic synchronization, linear matrix inequality, T-S fuzzy models.
doi:10.1109/3477.907565 pmid:18244768 fatcat:5wx77mkgdzfgrpo2ywhq5s7fai