Social Media in Teaching of Languages

Babikir Eltigani Siddig
2020 International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)  
With advancements in communication technology, humans can now bridge the constraints of time and space with minimal effort. Through this, the ability of individuals to interact with millions of others at an instant has not only been increased, but also improved. As a result of these developments, endeavours such as education could benefit greatly. Undertakings such as distant education, blended learning, and even interactive education could be made considerably easier and more efficient. For
more » ... tance, with regards to education, the teaching of languages could draw important uses from the application of social media to teach learners new languages. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, instructors could help learners access greater competency in language learning and use. The social media sites would allow learners to immerse themselves in situations where they openly interact with others who are more competent than them in the use of the language. In this way, learners may be able to improve their grasp of the language. From this research article, it is evident that social media can be applied to aid in the teaching of languages. Learners can interact freely with native speakers of the language they seek to learn, and they could also direct the process of learning themselves. These would be enabled through the application of social media in the instruction process. Further, learners could also immerse themselves in the culture associated with the language they seek to learn. Consequently, the learners would increase their grasp and end up improving the learning experience. Finally, social media may allow free interaction with native-speakers of a language. In this manner, the learners would be improving their diction and pronunciation of the words and phrases; a fact that would greatly enhance the learning process. Keywords: Immersion, Self-Direction, Social Media, Native-Speakers, Pronunciation,
doi:10.3991/ijet.v15i12.12645 fatcat:ahbuqmf4zrf5zftuwfl6fycueq