Effects of Hydroxyselenomethionine with Symmetrical and Chelated Chemical Structure on Lactation Performances, Anti-Oxidative Status and Immunities, Selenium Transfer Efficiencies for Early-Lactating Dairy Cows

Yong Li, Weixian Zhang, Hualin Zhou, Jinfeng Zhu, Chunmei Pan
2022 Symmetry  
The current study was conducted to investigate effects of hydroxyselenomethionine (HMBSe) with symmetrical and chelated chemical structure, a novel organic selenium (Se) source, on lactation performance, anti-oxidative status and immunities, and transfer efficiencies for early lactation dairy cows compared with that of sodium selenite (SS). Forty-five multiparous early-lactating dairy cows with similar days in milk, 56.0 d and milk yield 36.1 kg/d, were fed with same basal diet containing 0.04
more » ... g of Se/kg of dry matter (DM) basis. They were assigned to 1 of 3 treatments according to one-way ANOVA design: control (basal diet, without Se supplementation), SS (0.30 mg of Se/kg of DM), or HMBSe (0.30 mg of Se/kg of DM). The experiment lasted for 9 weeks, with the first week as adaptation. Results showed that the organic HMBSe cows increased the milk yield, 4% fat-corrected milk yield, the numbers of red blood cells in whole blood, Se concentrations in milk and serum, ratio of milk to serum significantly (P < 0.01); feed efficiency, energy-corrected milk yield, contents of superoxide dismutase in serum, hemoglobin, and the numbers of white blood cells in whole blood significantly (P < 0.05) compared to control and SS. Moreover, HMBSe cows had trends to increase glutathione peroxidase activities (P = 0.09), total antioxidant capacity (P = 0.06), and had trends to decrease the contents of malonaldehyde (P = 0.07) in serum compared to control and SS. In conclusion, HMBSe was more effective on the lactation performances, anti-oxidative status, and immunities and Se transfer efficiencies for early-lactating dairy cows compared to control and SS, which was very meaningful to develop the enriched Se milk products.
doi:10.3390/sym14050916 fatcat:yssohzwnv5clto5yj5n3q64upu