Nonlinear Refractive (NLR) Index of TiO2 NPs in E5CN7 Nematic Liquid Crystal under CW Laser Illumination

Z. Dehghani, M.H. Majles Ara, H. Hoseinzade Saraf, M. Nadafan, N. Dalir
2015 Procedia Materials Science  
Nematic liquid crystals (NLCs) have proved to be excellent materials for nonlinear optics (NLO) and its applications because of their large nonresonant nonlinearity and their extended spectral transparency. The aim of this paper was to investigate nonlinear refraction index of eutectic mixture of heptylcyanobiphenyl 7CB and pentylcyanobiphenyl 5CB NLCs doped with TiO 2 NPs (were synthesized by sol-gel method). The eutectic melt temperature of 273.45 K and eutectic composition of 0.45 7CB were
more » ... served for the binary system 5CB, 7CB mixture in good agreement with theoretical predictions. The third-order nonlinear optical properties of prepared sample, which tested by close aperture Z-scan method with CW He:Ne laser beam at 632.8 nm, are reported. Results suggest that TiO 2 NPs in 5CB/7CB mixture is a promising material for third order nonlinear applications.
doi:10.1016/j.mspro.2015.11.044 fatcat:iulwwbyfdzh3tn6455kjiulrbe