The historical dialectic between the ideal Hegel and material Marx A comparative study

M.M. Kifah Ali Othman
2018 Alustath  
The dialectic or (Controversy) is one of the most important subjects of controversy around several times. We find in Plato, Aristotle included different meanings, each according to his philosophy and that's what I've ever had in this first section.Dialectical returned by Hegel to acquire new meaning and deep Velsvs still so far used contemporary philosophers, Alhegela The debate is an experience of a special kind, absolute perfect experience trying to track the transformations first, "Powell
more » ... s first, "Powell This was the second topic.The same approach dialectical Hegel but away from materialism and idealism purely related to Marx this approach, explaining "the history and progress of color shifts and society Kan physical style derives its strength through the study of economic phenomena, and that's what we'll find in the third section. Alhegela controversy is that movement uptrend, from the fact that the mobile world to the fact top and be named this transition more and more comprehensive. Marx has adopted downside controversy Hegel but purely material formulations format denied the perfect and absolute accounts Valtnaqs Marx is designed to detect sources of continuous movement and the evolution of the physical world. Bringing to us clearly differentiate between two contradictory dialectics of Hegel and Marx Diaketal, although the first is the origin of the second generator.
doi:10.36473/ujhss.v223i2.361 fatcat:557t43i3nnbmlert4fzenls6lm