Duodenal Metastases of Malignant Melanoma: One Case Report

Soro Dramane, Ouattara Amadou, Okon Anassi Jean Baptiste, Koné Siaka, Assi Constant, Allah-Kouadio Emile, N'dah K. Justin, Ndjitoyap Ndam Antonin Wilson, Diallo Djeinabou, Lohoues-Kouacou Marie Jeanne d'Arc, Camara Benoît Mathieu
2015 Open Journal of Gastroenterology  
The duodenal metastases of a malignant melanoma are rare. We report a case at a 86-year-old, hypertense patient, without tumoral history, who was hospitalized in our department for a change of the general state and an anaemia ferriprive without found home (foyer) of display. In the clinical examination, we had found anemia syndrome, nodules under cutaneous about 2 cm in diameter at the level of the thorax, of the belly, the members and of the lower lip partners in a painless left adenopathy
more » ... left adenopathy axillary about 3 cm in diameter and an absence of méléna in the rectal touch. The gastroscopy had highlighted polypoïdes ulcéro-bourgeonnantes hurts with a blackish pigmentation by places at the level of the bulb and of the second duodenum. In the histology of biopsie fragments, we noted a fuso-cellular proliferation and epithelioid with deposits of melanin. The positivity of antibodies anti-protein S100 and anti HMB45 in the immunohistochemical study allowed confirming the diagnosis. The gastroduodenal hurts, persons suffering from a liver complaint and lungworts in the scanner testify of a terminal metastatic scattering. The death arose two months later, in a picture of circulatory collapse further to a high digestive bleeding of big abundance.
doi:10.4236/ojgas.2015.58018 fatcat:s7wq2anyobed7gm3sty4kd6mfm