Theoretical Study of the Reverse Roll Coating of Non-Isothermal Magnetohydrodynamics Viscoplastic Fluid

Fateh Ali, Yanren Hou, Muhammad Zahid, Muhammad Afzal Rana
2020 Coatings  
This article describes the development of a mathematical model of the reverse roll coating of a thin film for an incompressible non-isothermal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) viscoplastic fluid as it passes through a small gap between two rolls rotating reversely. The equations of motion required for the fluid added to the web are constructed and simplified using the lubrication approximation theory (LAT). Analytical results are obtained for the velocity profile, pressure gradient, and temperature
more » ... stribution. The pressure distributions and flow rate are calculated numerically using the trapezoidal rule and regular false position method, respectively. Some of these results are presented graphically, while others are shown in a tabular form. From the present analysis, it has been observed that the magnitude of pressure distributions increases by increasing the value of the involved parameters. It is worth mentioning that the velocities ratio and Brickman's number are controlling parameters for the temperature distributions. The results indicate the strong effectiveness of the viscoplastic parameter and velocities ratio for the velocity and pressure distributions. It is also concluded that the coating of Casson material has been remarkably affected by the magnetohydrodynamics effects.
doi:10.3390/coatings10100940 fatcat:4h36uexifjcmlf5gsxluoxojym