Study The Fluorescence Properties For (C 14 H 14 CLN 3 ) Molecular And Effect Of Solvent Polarity

Asmaa Jeeiad, Mheesin Al-Ragehey
2016 Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST)   unpublished
The absorption and fluorescence spectra have been studied and measured for (C 14 H 14 CLN 3) AF solution which dissolved in [N-N-dimethyl formamide (Dmf) , dimethyl sulphoxide (Dmso) and water] solvents as a function of concentration and solvent at excitation wavelength (λ ex = 414nm). Have been calculated peaks the fluorescence spectra of (C 14 H 14 CLN 3) solution dissolved in N-N-dimethyl formamide (Dmf) and dimethyl sulphoxide (Dmso) at concentration (1x10-5) M, and found that it is equal
more » ... that it is equal to (λ max = 497 ،) (λ max = 501) and (λ max = 505), respectively. Also been calculated the value stokes shift of these peaks found to be equal to (1292.5) ، (1316.5) and (2469.7) , respectively. Where we note that (stokes shift) shifted peak of fluorescence spectra towards the longer wavelength (redshift) increases with increase solvent polarity. The increase of solvents polarity lead to decrease in the intensity of the fluorescence spectra. All measurement were at room temperature .