Exploring the Relationships Between Job Burnout, Job Satisfaction, and Missed Nursing CareAmong Staff nurses

2021 Tanta Scientific Nursing Journal  
Job satisfaction in nursing is associated with increased nurse retention, better organizational performance, and lower reports of staff nurses' job burnout. Burnout staff nurses are at greater risk of making mistakes, which can involve mistakes that arise from missing or delayed nursing care. Missed nursing care is a factor that has been related to job satisfaction. Aim: To explore the relationships between job burnout, job satisfaction, and missed nursing care among staff nurses. Methods:
more » ... iptive correlational design. This study was included a convenience sample of 124 staff nurses who were providing nursing care at emergency hospital Mansoura University. Three scales were utilized for data collection namely; Maslach burnout inventory, job satisfaction scale, and missed nursing care scale. Results: The majority of staff nurses had a high level of job burnout regarding emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, but regarding personal accomplishment, the majority of staff nurses had a low level of job burnout. In addition to a moderate level of job satisfaction and a low level of missed nursing care. Conclusion: There was a statistically significant negative relationship between staff nurses' job burnout and job satisfaction, but staff nurses' job burnout was correlated positively with their perception of missed nursing care. Recommendations: Nursing managers should develop training programs that will help staff nurses to utilize effective coping strategies toward work stress and burnout, create a safe and healthy work environment with adequate staff and resources to avoid the occurrence of job burnout, missed nursing care, as well as improve job satisfaction among staff nurses.
doi:10.21608/tsnj.2021.179394 fatcat:s2cgdlxkf5curiqmpiewubdmxy