On the manufacture of jute

William Fleming
1880 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
TI~v Ma~,~{{'et~tct~'e' of ,]'ate. 1 (,)9 subject signed "Justice," which had appeared in E~t(ti'~ec,'i~..(t, he had received a communicatiou fl'om Mr. J,mes, of the E(lgar Thomsou Steel Works~ in which he stated that he (Mr. JoLms) had made iris tirst experiments on the use of" steam in this way in 1;875. The fh(;t was that the same idea had evidently o(;cm'red independently to Mr. Jones and Mr. Considore. Mr. Davis then t)roceeded to explain a varie U of modes of fixing down the mould in
more » ... n the mould in which ingots were to be compressed, and he concluded by remarking that he was unaware of the use at Bolton of air under pressure for (.ompressing fluid steel. ON THE MANUFACTURE OF JUTE. By WILLIA~I ]~L:E~I[NG~ of Barrow-in-Furness.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(80)90219-7 fatcat:uy762v35avg6fbc4zrieefjvge