Data dependencies in extended possibility-based fuzzy relational databases

Z. M. Ma, W. J. Zhang, W. Y. Ma, F. Mili
2002 International Journal of Intelligent Systems  
Based on the semantic equivalence degree the formal definitions of fuzzy functional dependencies (FFDs) and fuzzy multivalued dependencies (FMVDs) are first introduced to the fuzzy relational databases, where fuzziness of data appears in attribute values in the form of possibility attributions, as well as resemblance relations in attribute domain elements, called extended possibility-based fuzzy relational databases. A set of inference rules for FFDs and FMVDs is then proposed. It is shown that
more » ... FFDs and FMVDs are consistent and the inference rules are sound and complete, just as Armstrong's axioms for classic cases.
doi:10.1002/int.10024 fatcat:2eejfo4sarfa7jfdyif75um4nm