Synthesis and Study of Ester Homologous Series of Mesogenic Characteristics : p-Isobutyloxy Phenyl-p'-n-alkoxy benzoates

Doshi, Joshi, Chauhan
Titled homologous series of mesogens: p-Isobutyloxy Phenyl-p'-n-alkoxy benzoates consisted of ten members of a series is synthesized with a view to understand the effect of structure on mesomorphic properties. Methyloxy and ethoxy homologues are nonmesogenic, propyloxy to octyloxy homologues are only nematogenic and decyloxy, dodecyloxy as well as tetradecyloxy derivatives of the series are monotropcally smectogenic in addition to enantiotropically nematogenic. Thus, series under investigation
more » ... nder investigation is predominantly nematogenic and partly smectogenic. Analytical data support the structure of molecules. Series is middle ordered melting type and its mesogenic properties are compared with structurally similar homologous series. Texture of smectic mesophase are focalconic fan shaped and that of nematic mesophase is threaded or schlieren type.