Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, May 9, 1899] [article]

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A Uttio Talk on Mon'oFIxliiMO Tsylir, Jwt • Uttki un at thia tiiM ol dw y«wumorder. We no* in r~» U> attend to yonr fnmlAinn needi, and needr yoo're rare to be, aoiM bme cr otW-if it'a only a Tie prOoSar. We have Cotored Shirta teyeatTariety-HWrt. that yon (eel wdl dnraed in, and that keep their w»or when laondeted. Our ColUra RAYMOND SEWING are the beet wteuing OoOan that ace ^ people ahont bnr Unden briinftiL We ««un™n nom ^ to $2.50 atult, and in Natural Underwear we pre yon
more » ... arn pnoea Aak lor the Une at $1.25 a euit NEW TIBS I Any ihape at all The ITseott Oo., LW, ~-vi AjiwrcBeQ, pQA im ito praMot tuu of ibe FickMocM, mni Iko MACHINEst'™""'Ĵ ust received s large oonaignment of these wellkuown leading Sowing Mf -'-'-------- . L 'A fiae line of "Invincible Dye" Navy, that wiU stand rain, soda or sea the material for a Sprinjf outing suit stamped »Invincible^Dye." FIVE YEARS' GUARANTEE hthnwrarmachla* you purahaac Our Dmp B w out). «• aiBw you (or tho next two wooka at Our bavu HBAWaa MAOmn. for aaxt 10 daya only AaE Why pay $70? A Mai ooata you noUUiic. Ald.MeAHie.t_. ■ far the Omob'. Bhthd^ Celebrwion,that M^koracwhataK-ey wra Aid. PlanU nid thwe wui a waeh arger popuUtkm to provide aa>aaasli'W " AeeenneW -~Hen.W.U-C.:roa toXS: Aid. OoekioK raid be weald like to eee the city ci«e$1000 and eo wonid ^ ol the AUercaeo. Irat ia tta WITt HM MTAUIMB. ^ iwpMt Mr hrf$n J-H. GOOD, AUCTIONEER ORSaN BZOOX Serges, in water. Jost __ -Ev.,7pi«, WE HAVE are very BLACK ALPACCAS in different qualities. Embroideries and Insertions J. S. ST ANNA RD, crescent store Joet opened e reiy ipaoUl lot. AU the newe.1 Coloring. Derartt. are to be ^nd here. ralue, ; iuit.
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