Study on Laser Micro-Cladding Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment Control System

D.Z Zhao, F.Z Li, Z. Wang
2015 Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Applications   unpublished
Among the micro-cladding integrated circuit-based manufacturing equipment, we use closed-loop control of the laser output control unit to precisely control the laser power and change the power of the laser beam. Equipment adopt galvanometer control card and AT89S 52. Method of communication using RS 232 serial communication, using Time To Live (TTL) level to control the Q-switching through Computer numerical control (CNC) adjustable external control mode. Real-time acquisition of power of the
more » ... n of power of the laser beam and timely feedback, and then adjusting the laser power output current size, repeat feedback regulation, until the laser output power reaches the target accurately.
doi:10.2991/cisia-15.2015.64 fatcat:jexv2b6v6ja7blkb23st3s3vli