Streamforce: outsourcing access control enforcement for stream data to the clouds [article]

Tien Tuan Anh Dinh, Anwitaman Datta
2013 arXiv   pre-print
As tremendous amount of data being generated everyday from human activity and from devices equipped with sensing capabilities, cloud computing emerges as a scalable and cost-effective platform to store and manage the data. While benefits of cloud computing are numerous, security concerns arising when data and computation are outsourced to a third party still hinder the complete movement to the cloud. In this paper, we focus on the problem of data privacy on the cloud, particularly on access
more » ... rols over stream data. The nature of stream data and the complexity of sharing data make access control a more challenging issue than in traditional archival databases. We present Streamforce - a system allowing data owners to securely outsource their data to the cloud. The owner specifies fine-grained policies which are enforced by the cloud. The latter performs most of the heavy computations, while learning nothing about the data. To this end, we employ a number of encryption schemes, including deterministic encryption, proxy-based attribute based encryption and sliding-window encryption. In Streamforce, access control policies are modeled as secure continuous queries, which entails minimal changes to existing stream processing engines, and allows for easy expression of a wide-range of policies. In particular, Streamforce comes with a number of secure query operators including Map, Filter, Join and Aggregate. Finally, we implement Streamforce over an open source stream processing engine (Esper) and evaluate its performance on a cloud platform. The results demonstrate practical performance for many real-world applications, and although the security overhead is visible, Streamforce is highly scalable.
arXiv:1305.6146v2 fatcat:xrebyw3wajcohkb2vbhybwba34