Performance Analysis of Matrix Converter Based UPFC using MATLAB (Simulink)

Pragati Bambode, P Scholar
In this paper, the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) using a matrix converter is studied.Matrix Converter (MC) is mostly useful in high power energy generation system like wind energy, solar energy, Unified Power Quality Control (UPQC) systems. Such circuits are easily adaptable where critical power situation occurs. Moreover these types of circuits are versatile with less component and low power loss capability.UPFC enables the operation of transmission network near their maximum ratings by
more » ... maximum ratings by enforcing power flow through well defined lines. The existence of a dc capacitor bank originates additional losses, decreases the converter lifetime and increases its weight, cost and volume; this is removed in the proposed controller. The theoretical principles of direct power control (DPC) based on sliding mode control are established for a MC based UPFC dynamic model including the input filters. The line active and reactive power, together with ac supply reactive power can be directly controlled by selecting an appropriate matrix converter switching state guaranteeing good steady state and dynamic responses.