Rhodium complexes bearing tetradentate diamine-bis(phenolate) ligands

Xiang Y. Liu, Kapil S. Lokare, Somesh K. Ganesh, Jason M. Gonzales, Jonas Oxgaard, William A. Goddard III, Roy A. Periana
2011 Dalton Transactions  
A. General Considerations for X-Ray Crystallography Diffraction data for the complexes were collected at low temperature (T = 128 K) on a Bruker SMART APEX CCD diffractometer with graphite-monochromated Mo Kα radiation (λ= 0.71073 Å). The cell parameters for the Rh complexes were obtained from the least-squares refinement of the spots (from 60 collected frames) using the SMART program. A hemisphere of the crystal data was collected and the intensity data was processed using the Saint Plus
more » ... he Saint Plus program. All calculations for structure determination were carried out using the SHELXTL package (version 5.1). 2 Initial atomic positions were located by direct methods using XS, and the structure was refined by least-squares methods using SHELX. Absorption corrections were applied by using SADABS.3 Calculated hydrogen positions were input and refined in a riding manner along with the attached carbons. 1
doi:10.1039/c0dt00997k pmid:21069237 fatcat:bwsl6bdyavferfq5unyrs5pzsa