Commercial Banks as Countering the Financial Security of Terrorism

2020 Vestnik policii  
a State university of the sea and river fleet of the name of the Admiral S.O. Makarov, Russian Federation Abstract This article discusses the place that commercial banks play in terrorist financing. The facts are also given why commercial banks should be under strict control and monitoring by the specialized administrative department "Financial Intelligence". In addition, considers the measures that exist to combat such crimes as terrorism in commercial banks. What methods of transferring funds
more » ... transferring funds exist, under what names and organizations they are carried out. How and how it is possible to suspend or prevent "suspicious transactions" and what a bank employee should take when the suspected of financing terrorism. Credit organizations are one of the main mechanisms for financing terrorism, therefore, when carrying out the main activities of their preventive measures against the use of a bank, the main activities are carried out to prevent the financing of terrorism in accordance with national legislation for the above purposes. A number of recommendations are presented, the implementation of which will make it possible in practice to reduce the likelihood of using a commercial bank for financing terrorism and other illegal actions.
doi:10.13187/vesp.2020.1.19 fatcat:luphzvq7enhrrcxgholwk4hrwi