Adaptive potential of winter wheatparent materlal in the middle Volga region

A. F. Sukhorukov, A. A. Sukhorukov
2019 Rossiiskaia selskokhoziaistvennaia nauka  
The examination results of adaptability of 14 soft winter wheat varieties of native breeding and 29 lines of breeding are presented. The stress-resistant varieties with the greatest adaptive capabilities diapason are Spartak, Marathon, Esaul, Zhemchuzhina Povolzhya, line L. 351-04 ya0-19-7. According to the average yield in contrasting conditions the following varieties are stood out: Vjuga is 5,85 t/ha, Severodonetskaya Ubileinaya is 5,88 t/ha, Basis is 5,82 t/ha, Zimnitsa is 5, 62 t/ha, lines
more » ... s 5, 62 t/ha, lines are 679 Sv-93 6,28 t/ha, L.351-04- ya0-19-7 6,01 t/ha. The Basis, Vjuga, Zimnitsa varieties demonstrated the maximum yield in favorable conditions during the experiment: Basis is 7,78 t/ha, Vjuga is 8,25 t/ha, Zimnitsa"is 7,93 t/ha. The varieties exceeded the standard in unfavorable conditions by 1,16 t/ha, 0,73 t/ha, 0, 62 t/ha. According to the drought tolerance index the Spartak, Severodonetskaya Ubileinaya, Esaul, Zhemchuzhina Povolzhya "varieties are stood out. The studied varieties under non-stressful conditions exceeded the first class wheat norm by the falling-number value (250-396 s.). The falling-number decreased to 79 s. under the stressful conditions. The mass fraction of protein and gluten in the grain of the most studied soft winter wheat varieties are of low stability. The mass fraction of protein in the grain decreased to 10,4% under the unfavorable conditions. The mass fraction of wet gluten decreased to 17,4%. It is 61,9 and 52,6% of the level of a favorable year for the formation of grain quality. The Birusa and Vjuga varieties have the most stable indicators of the grain quality. The falling-number of the Birusa variety under the unfavorable conditions is 316 s, of the Vjuga variety is 395 s, the mass fraction of protein is 14,5 and 14,0%, of wet gluten is 28,2 and 30,0% correspondingly.
doi:10.31857/s2500-2627201923-6 fatcat:tqvlle6ayjh7pkn7pjpekut5oq