A Troglodytic Succulent: Sedum fragrans

Ray Stephenson
2012 Cactus and Succulent Journal  
A lmost all native succulents of the Alpes Maritime are commonplace and widespread but one in particular is extremely localised, very difficult to locate, and has an exacting habitat: Sedum fragrans. Sedum fragrans was not described until 1983 by Henk 't Hart, having previously been confused with the (mostly Italian) annual/biennial S. alsinefolium Allioni. Sedum fragrans is stoloniferous, producing offsets, and is therefore perennial. Although these two species are clearly closely related,
more » ... losely related, they are in nature disjunct and cannot produce viable seed when artificially pollinated. Parent S. fragrans plants usually flower themselves to death leaving independent rosettes and copious seed. In cultivation, the perpetuation of Sedum fragrans is fraught with difficulties, as the species 1 the author examining Sedum fragrans within the walls of a cave in the Cayros Valley.
doi:10.2985/0007-9367-84.1.26 fatcat:qfsaqd4ogngwvezahfieotqeii