Anastasia Kotelevets
2022 Scientific Bulletin of Uzhhorod University Series «Pedagogy Social Work»  
The purpose of the study is to determine the approaches to the concept of social activity on the basis of theoretical interdisciplinary analysis, to reveal the importance of the formation of social activity in student youth. Research methods: interdisciplinary analysis, synthesis, systematization, comparison and generalization - to determine the content of the concept of social activity of student youth. This article provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the concept of «social activity» in
more » ... he following areas: philosophy, psychology, social work (social pedagogy), sociology, pedagogy - the result of which is summarized in the table. The concept of "student youth" is analyzed and 4 approaches to this concept are suggested by A. Murzin and N. Solodyuk. The relevance of the formation of social activity in the student youth, as a significant part of society, which has an impact on the state-making processes is investigated. The statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Student youth as a social group is a separate sphere of society with its own peculiarities, which only confirms the importance of studying the formation of social activity in this target group. The article considers volunteer activity as a component of social activity. Presented the project "Online School of Volunteering for Students", which was developed as part of the Winter School of Young Scientists of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the framework of the implementation of the British Council project «Active Citizens» in cooperation with the CS «International Foundation for Development». The project was developed by an interdisciplinary, nationwide team of experts. 10 themes of interactive lessons - that are divided into 5 blocks and focus on the topic of volunteering and social activities - are described. The basics of volunteer activities, proper and effective communication with customers, as well as information on working in communities is presented. Attention is paid to emotional sensitivity and the topic of resolving conflict situations is addressed. We believe that the prospect of further research is the implementation of thematic interactive classes with elements of training in institutions of higher education, to increase social activity and to provide students with relevant information on volunteer activities and their effective implementation.
doi:10.24144/2524-0609.2022.50.134-137 fatcat:ue4amavlhnfnnbzbrxn3kmqkl4