Oleh Syahid, Muammar Pulungan
When we appreciated in studying religions, we would be invented all of the big religions in the world that had been some teaching in eschatology, although each other getting out differences of approaching and the way how to find the solution. One of the most successful and the big religions spreading in the world is Islam. The holy Qurān is one of the prime sources of teaching; for example belief in the end of the days. Islam has given us the term al qiyamah as the sixth of believing
more » ... Al Qurān had informed us that in the end of lives must be responsible for all of our beings exist to Allah as the creator of this universe as the mankind. The believers will be entered to His Heaven, inside had been prepared all the extravagance but for polytheist and disobey men will be threw away to the hell full of sufferings. Kata Kunci: Eskatologi  Syahid Muammar Pulungan adalah Dosen Fakultas Dakwah dan Ilmu Komunikasi IAIN Padangsidimpuan alumni S-1 IAIN Sunan Kalijaga.