Interpersonal Conflict Management– Inevitable but Manageable (with Reference to M/S Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad & M/S Anand Rathi, Bangalore)

Nagaraju Battu, Ch. R.B. Alias Kalyan Ram
2017 IRA-International Journal of Management & Social Sciences (ISSN 2455-2267)  
<div><p><strong>Introduction</strong>: A conflict has generally been defined as a situation in which two or more parties strive to acquire the same scarce resources at the same time. Scholars generally agree that there needs to be more than one part to have a conflict, and that the time factor is important. What does cause concern is the term scarce resource.</p><p><strong>Objective of the Study</strong>: To examine the effect of strategies adopted for managing interpersonal conflict on
more » ... conflict on organizational performance, to examine the perceptions of the employees in the organization under study and to offer suggestions to minimize the inter-personal conflicts and to improve conducive environment for organizational success</p><p><strong>Method of the Study</strong>: The study employed both descriptive survey design and explanatory research design. It targeted a population of 650 employees of purposively selected units under study. A sample size comprising 450 employees from M/s Karvy Computershare and 200 from M/s Anand Rathi were selected using stratified random sampling techniques.</p><p><strong>Results of the Study</strong>: Conflict escalation has according to this study it's foundation in emotional involvement. A person focused conflict has a higher risk of escalation and to evolve towards becoming dysfunctional. Through this study it has been revealed that conflict management can be divided into two areas, prevention of conflicts and management of functional conflicts. Feedback can be counted as preventive tools to help develop employee's behaviour and to ensure that the opinions and feelings are passed on through controlled communication channels. </p></div>
doi:10.21013/jmss.v7.n2.p23 fatcat:oorzinbh7jejhcckwj2qf4oyqq