Direction finding of multiple targets using coprime array in MIMO radar

Hong Jiang, Han Qi, Shunyou Yao
2017 IEICE Communications Express  
We propose a novel direction finding algorithm by exploiting a coprime array configured at the receiver of a transmit-diversity multipleinput-multiple-output (MIMO) radar system. The algorithm uses the interdifference set of virtual sensor positions incoprime array to construct an observation vector which behaves like a data vector obtained from a uniform linear array (ULA). Then the forward-backward spatial smoothing and shiftinvariance techniques are combined to effectively estimate the
more » ... estimate the angles of multiple targets. The maximum number of identifiable targets is analyzed. Compared with conventional ULA-based algorithm in MIMO radars, the proposed algorithm can achieve larger array aperture and higher spatial resolution. Fig. 2. Multi-target direction finding by 16-sensor array Fig. 3. RMSE vs SNR for two closely located targets
doi:10.1587/comex.2016xbl0187 fatcat:fy7xdtfcbrfrjfsmjcqtvnklve