Vtáctvo dubového pasienkového lesa Gavurky pri Dobrej Nive (stredné Slovensko) v rokoch 2003 – 2013 / Birds of Oak pasture woodland Gavurky near Dobrá Niva (C Slovakia) in 2003–2013

2016 Tichodroma  
Bird assemblage in the Gavurky Protected Area was studied in 2003–2013 (80 days in the field) and compared with published results from 1992–1994. Altogether 97 bird species was found in the study area (133.5 ha), of them 52 breeding species in 2003–2013. In 1992–1994 there were registered similar number of species (96) but of them more breeding species (64). Furthermore, there were trapped and ringed altogether 27 bird species (174 specimens) during 21 trapping sessions in 2003–2013, and the
more » ... 03–2013, and the most abundant there were Parus major, Phylloscopus collybita, Poecile palustris, and rare were there e.g. Merops apiaster, Jynx torquilla, Regulus ignicapilla, Ficedula hypoleuca. Altogether 23 species of European importance revealed high regional importance of this area. Sustainability of the habitat, its perspective and conservation management were discussed. Supporting of natural regeneration of the parent stand seems to be the most urgent measure.
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