PhD Thesis Summary: Energy Efficient Multistage Zeolite Drying for Heat-Sensitive Products

M. Djaeni, A. J. B. van Boxtel
2009 Drying Technology  
The topic concerns energy efficient adsorption drying using zeolite for heat sensitive products and was supervised by dr. Ir. A.J.B. van Boxtel, dr. ir. P.V. Bartels, Prof. dr. J.P.M. Sanders and Prof. dr. ir. G. van Straten. To facilitate the research an adsorption dryer was constructed by Ebbens Engineering, zeolite was provided by CECA (Brenttag), C.J. van Asselt and B. Speetjens assisted with the measurement and control system. The research involves the evaluation of the energy consumption
more » ... energy consumption of a conventional dryer, the development of single and multistage adsorber drying systems using zeolite for air dehumidification, the characterization of transport phenomena in zeolite beds and material to be dried by using one and two dimensional models, the evaluation of the energy efficiency for the developed dryer systems, the construction of an experimental dryer and evaluation of the energy performance of this system, the prediction of the dryer performance for a range of operational conditions, and suggestions for the construction of the drying concept for large scale application. The work is given in seven chapters where five chapters are published in or submitted to an international journal. Moreover, other part of the works have been presented at national and international seminars. vi vii
doi:10.1080/07373930902828203 fatcat:y4u6ithuxjazxkfwmtjf636mau