Genetic resistance to mortality of day-old chicks and carrier-state of hens after inoculation withSalmonella enteritidis

C. Beaumont, J. Protais, J. F. Guillot, P. Colin, K. Proux, N. Millet, P. Pardon
1999 Avian Pathology  
The heritability of resistance of poultry to Salmonella enteritidis (SE) was investigated. Three m easurem ents of resistance were m ade: survival after intram uscular inoculation of 419 day-ol d chicks, absence versus presence of Salm onella in spleens and caeca 4 weeks after oral inoculation of 304 hens at peak of laying, and antibody response of 228 hens following two inoculations of an aroA m utant of this serotype. In the ® rst two models of infection, resistance appeared to be heritable.
more » ... d to be heritable. The heritability was estim ated from the sire and dam com ponents, respectively, at 0.14 6 0.10 and 0.62 6 0.16 for chick m ortality, 0.47 6 0.21 and 0.13 6 0.26 for resistance to spleen contam ination, and 0.24 6 0.15 and 0.53 6 0.26 for resistance to caecal contam ination in laying hens. By contrast the estim ated heritability of antibody response was very low (0.03 6 0.08 and 0.10 6 0.08 when estim ated from the sire and dam com ponents, respectively). These results suggest that a selection for increased resistance to SE m ay be ef® cient.
doi:10.1080/03079459994858 pmid:26911499 fatcat:2solzwhfffcd3b4aqhxmjodmje