Comparison Of Expected Yields For Light Radioactive Beams At SPIRAL-1 And 2

M.-G. Saint-Laurent, A. Pichard, G. Lhersonneau, F. de Oliveira Santos, F. Pellemoine, P. Delahaye, M. Fadil, H. Frånberg, R. Leroy, M. Hass, T. Hirsh, L. Serani (+7 others)
Light-particles stable high-intensity beams (p, d, 3,4 He...) will be available from the Linac driver accelerator of SPIRAL-2. Yields of neutron-deficient isotopes as well as of neutron-rich isotopes (by means of reactions with secondary neutrons) are compared with those presently available at the SPIRAL-1 facility. We explore, for light beams (Z< 16) asked in the 'white book' of SPIRAL-2 1 , the production methods taking into account the in-target yield but also the feasibility of making such
more » ... ity of making such beams by the ISOL method (considering reaction, target, thermal and release properties). We discuss some of the tests needed and planned. A comparison with the present and potentially attainable yields at SPIRAL-1 is presented.
doi:10.1063/1.3431456 fatcat:fsxcjauyvre23hw5tg3u5akgqq