Book review

S.R. Petrick
1964 Information and Control  
As is evident from even a cursory inspection of these titles, the emphasis in this volume is on programming languages for scientific computation in general and on ALGOL in particular. Three papers treat business-oriented data processing languages but no mention is made, for example, of list processing languages nor of work on time sharing systems. Although a wealth of particulars is given on specific programming languages and on their compilers, very little in the way of new principles and
more » ... ally nothing in the way of a theoretical treatment of any topic is to be found. In short, these papers were written by practical compiler writers for other compiler writers. It is unfortunate that recent results on formal grammars and on automata theory 1 that could have served as a theoretical basis for most of the papers were completely ignored. In most cases neither ALGOL itself nor the implementation 1 For a survey see
doi:10.1016/s0019-9958(64)90153-6 fatcat:gqyoul5w3rbxpf2li5k4oxwx4a