Simulation Investigations of High Power Overmoded Relativistic Backward Wave Oscillator with Trapezoidal Resonant Reflector

V. Venkata Reddy, M.A. Ansari, M. Thottappan
2021 Defence Science Journal  
An S-band high power relativistic backward wave oscillator using a trapezoidal resonant reflector and overmoded slow-wave structure is demonstrated by finite difference time domain based Particle-In-Cell code. The trapezoidal resonant reflector and slow-wave structure are chosen to improve the RBWO power handing capability to gigawatt (GW). The Trapezoidal resonant reflector enhances the pre-modulation during electron beam propagation, thus increasing the generated RF signal overall efficiency
more » ... nd coherency. The particle-in-cell simulation generated an RF output power ~5.4 GW in TM01 mode at ~3.6 GHz in a 2.0 T magnetic field and developed a 13.5 kA current for a 1.2 MV DC cathode voltage. The power conversion efficiency is achieved as ~33 %. Further, the influence of different design parameters on frequency, RF output power, and efficiency are analysed through Particle-In-Cell simulations.
doi:10.14429/dsj.71.16745 fatcat:gtkmkqhuvbdcxd4qrurkdc2fa4