HIV, Risky Behavior and Ethno-linguistic Heterogeneity [chapter]

Miron Tequame, Horst Entorf, Peter Winker
2012 Economics of Risky Behavior and Sensation Seeking  
This paper studies the role of ethno-linguistic diversity on risky sexual behavior and HIV status of individuals. We compute three different measures of ethno-linguistic heterogeneity and show that ethno-linguistic heterogeneity is positively related to risky sexual behavior and HIV status of individuals. This effect, both on risky behavior and HIV status, is stronger for women than for men. Accordingly, we also find a positive association between ethno-linguistic heterogeneity and being in a
more » ... scordant couple where the wife is HIV positive. Our findings have an implication for prevention policies as it identifies community level characteristics for implementing anti-HIV/AIDS policies. JEL Classification: I18, J14, O12, O20, Z13
doi:10.1515/9783110508628-003 fatcat:a2vcsa2hhbcy5atsqskubehpey