A direct simulation of EPR slow-motion spectra of spin labelled phospholipids in liquid crystalline bilayers based on a molecular dynamics simulation of the lipid dynamics

P. Håkansson, P. O. Westlund, E. Lindahl, O. Edholm
2001 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
EPR line shapes can be calculated from the stochastic Liouville equation assuming a stochastic model for the reorientation of the spin probe. Here we use instead and for the Ðrst time a detailed molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to generate the stochastic input to the Langevin form of the Liouville equation. A 0.1 ls MD simulation at T \ 50 ¡C of a small lipid bilayer formed by 64 dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) molecules at the water content of 23 water molecules per lipid was used. In
more » ... lipid was used. In addition, a 10 ns simulation of a 16 times larger system consisting of 32 DPPC molecules with a nitroxide spin moiety attached at the sixth position of the sn2 chain and 992 ordinary DPPC molecules, was used to investigate the extent of the perturbation caused by the spin probe. Order parameters, reorientational dynamics and the EPR FID curve were calculated for spin probe molecules and ordinary DPPC molecules. The timescale of the electron spin relaxation for a spin-moiety attached at the sixth carbon position of a DPPC lipid molecule is 11.9 ] 107 rad s~1 and for an unperturbed DPPC molecule it is 3.5 ] 107 rad s~1.
doi:10.1039/b105618m fatcat:typ3bmiypzhgxdqway55c3gibu